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When to Research Tuxedo Rentals

Brides and grooms are advised to start researching tuxedo rentals at least one year before, especially for the months of May, June and July. At this time it is important to book your wedding date and confirm the styles at a later date.

Looking through our website you will view our selection of styles available. When you plan to try on some styles it is important to book an appointment at one of our outlets before visiting.

Selection of Styles

It is always best to focus on the groom’s outfit first and move on the groomsmen outfit by complementing the groom’s attire. You can go for a classic look, modern look or casual look, keeping in mind to co-ordinate the style of the groom suit with the brides dress and match the groomsmen to the bridesmaid or go for a neutral look. Measurements are to be taken 3 months before the wedding. By then you would have selected the style and colours for all men. Boys under the age of 5 will take their measurements taken one month before.

Range of Styles & Sizes

A tuxedo package includes the jacket, pants, shirt, vest or cummerbund, tie or bow tie and suspenders. We offer styles in sizes for new-borns to a size 60’’ chest and 65’’ waist. We also hire patent shoes for new-borns to a larger size 50EU/16US/15UK. We are constantly looking for new styles to add to our range of styles. Waistcoats, bows and ties come in many colours to provide the ability to co-ordinate with your bridesmaids or other colours of the wedding.

How to Measure Yourself For a Suite

Measurements For Foreigners

For foreigners who come just a few days before the wedding you can send us their measurements for their neck, chest, waist, length of trousers (inseam or out seam) and sleeve of jacket. When they arrive they can try them on at home or in the shop and if any changes need to be altered they can be arranged.

Collection of Tuxedos

Tuxedos are to be collected on the Tuesday before the wedding weekend. Once suits are collected ensure all men and boys try on their suit to make sure everyone is completed satisfied. ANY Arrangements can be made during the week before the wedding. Tuxedos are to be returned within two working days after the affair.

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