When should I start searching for Tuxedos rentals?

Brides and Grooms are advised to start searching for tuxedos at least a year before especially for the months of April, May, June and July. At this time the wedding date is booked. Styles will then need to be confirmed by 5 months before the wedding date.

How should I select the styles?

It is always best to focus on the groom’s outfit first and then complement the groomsmen to the groom’s attire. You can opt for a classic look, modern look or go for a casual look. It is recommended to coordinate the groom to the brides’ dress and the groomsmen to the bridesmaids or go completely neutral.

What does the tuxedo package include?

A tuxedo package includes the jacket, pants. Shirt, vest or cummerbund, tie or bow tie and suspenders. If a bow tie is chosen shirt studs are included. The groom also has cufflinks included in the package.

What is the range of sizes?

Some styles range from newborns to a size 60’’ chest and 65’’ waist. Patent shoes are also available for newborns to large shoe sizes of  EU50 / US16 / UK15.

When should the tuxedo fittings take place?

Measurements should be taken 3 to 4 months before always leaving the young boys for last. Appointments are always needed for every fitting.

Do I need to bring anything with me for a fitting?

Nothing is needed for a fitting but you can decide to bring the shoes you will be wearing unless you are renting them. You may also bring a color swatch of your wedding theme to help co-ordinate your ensembles with the wedding party.

What if my groomsmen are abroad?

For foreigners who come in just a few days before the wedding, you can send us their measurements for their neck, chest, waist, length of trousers (inseam or outseam), sleeve of jacket and shoe size. When they arrive they can try on their suit and any changes can be altered.

When can I pick up my wedding party tuxedos?

This depends on the day of the event but wedding parties are usually collected by the bride and groom on Monday of the week of the wedding.

I tried on my tuxedo and certain items do not fit well, now what?

When collecting your tuxedo we encourage you to try on your suit at the comfort of your home one last time. If any alterations or replacements are needed we are able to handle any last minute changes. When you visit the shop we will fix and arrange what is needed there and then to take it back with you.

When should I return my Tuxedo?

Tuxedos are to be returned on the first or second business day following the event. This can be returned to any outlet in Malta or Gozo.

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